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PT Rejeki Adigraha stands as a renowned pioneer in the plastic recycling and manufacturing sector, harnessing over 37 years of unparalleled expertise in PA, PBT, and engineering plastics.
We excel in sourcing, trading, and offering end-to-end solutions for plastic waste separation, sorting, crushing, and processing.
Additionally, we handle PVC and PET materials, further expanding our capabilities as one of Indonesia's authorized plastic waste importers.


Established in 1986, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the recycling landscape by prioritizing the sustainable reuse of polyamide (PA), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and engineering plastics.

Our focus extends across diverse sectors including automotive, electronic communication, electrical appliances, and industrial consumption.

Our in-house production capacity reaches up to 1,000 MT per month, primarily catering to high-grade recycled PA resins. Additionally, we supply PVC powder and PET for both local and global consumption, rounding out our offerings.

PVC Compound
  • Applications: Automotive, electronic, and communication industries.
  • Made from recycled post-industrial materials
  • Available as: PA (GF 66 & PA 6), PBT (GF / VO), PPS (GF 40/50), LCP, PPA, and PPO
  • Available in Black and other colors upon request
PVC Compound
  • Made from 100% recycled rigid PVC materials
  • Injection & extrusion ready
  • Application: PVC fittings, pipes, gutter, carpet filler
  • Suited for Grey and Black colored materials
PET Flakes
  • Mixed of post-consumer and post-industrial source
  • Thickness: 6mm (AW)
  • Diameter: From 2.5" - 4"
  • Length: From 3.6m - 4m
  • Recommended Usage: Plumbing, Irrigation, Waste Disposal
  • Color: Grey
PET Flakes
  • Responsibly sourced to empower and improve the livelihood of waste collectors’ communities in Indonesia
  • <30ppm PVC contamination
  • IV: 0.72 - 0.78 dl/g
  • Fiber grade application
  • ±1% Humidity
  • Available in Clear, Green, and Blue colors

We also buy and import post-industrial / post-consumer LDPE, PP Jumbo Bags, PVDC, and other Engineering Plastics to satisfy both local and international markets.

Upon request, we also offer Plastics Separation services to purify plastic materials from contaminants such as glue, paper, aluminum, and other plastic layers.


Complete certifications recognized legally by the government and international body allows us to expand our business globally, opening more doors and creating wider opportunity by importing and exporting recycled materials with ease.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001

Having this internationally recognized standard certifies that all production stages are professionally managed to meet global standard of quality.



One of the most strictest export license granted to us by the government of China. This allows us to export semi-processed plastic materials to China.

PI Limbah Non B3

PI Limbah Non B3

We are proud to be one of the very few companies trusted by the Indonesian government to import non-toxic plastic waste materials from overseas.

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